For the most part, we are not annotating this book, due the length and the amount of time in which we have to read it. Therefore, we are only highlighting interesting parts or quotes, some of which may be posted here later.

~ Quotes ~
" "He love humankind dearly and with all his heart, but he disliked most human beings," she'd told Ishamel. "You're the same, you know. You're your father's son." "(Pg. 36)

"He got hit pretty hard with something fairly flat, Art. Puts me in mind of a type of gun butt wound I saw a few times in the war. One of those kendo strikes the Japs used" (pg. 58)

"She dallied and sometimes sat under trees, searched for lady's slippers or white tilliums to pick, and contemplated her attraction to the world of illusions - her craving for existence and entertainment, for clothes, makeup, dances, movies.....Yet the demand that she conceal this inner life was great, and by the time she entered high school she was expert at implying bodily a tranquility that did not in fact inhabit her." (pg 84-85)

"Hatsue would remember on the day of her wedding that her first kiss had been from the boy, Ishmael Chambers....But when her husband asked if she had kissed anyone before, Hatsue had answered never" (pg 87)

"Tadaima aware ga wakatta," he had answered. "I understand just now the deepest beauty" (pg 92)

"It's not one ocean," said Hatsue. "It's frou ocean - Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic. They're different from eachother."
"Well, how are they different?"
"They just are." Hatsue lay back on her elbows beside him and let her hair fall behind. "Just because," she added (pg 97)

"We're not such paupers as to sell to Japs, are we?" (pg 119)

"Why do you want to marry me?" he asked, and her answer came back.
"To hold a part of you." She dropped the hoe and walked the twenty yards to hold him in her arms. "It's my character, too," she whispered. "It's my destiny now to love you." (pg 164)

"The flute is precious," said Hisao. "The kimono, the sheet music - must you take those things?"
"Anything like that, yeah," said the FBI man. "Any old-country stuff we have to take" (Pg 196)