Snow Falling on Cedars Book Club Expectations
In Class Expectations:
Respect each other and no interruptions. Support opinions with facts from the book. Concentrate and stay on task by keeping conversations focused on the book.
In Class Accountability:
If we have gone off track and don’t finish a conversation, write down what you didn’t get to say and post it on our Wikispace. If one person is absent, they should check on the wikispace to see what they missed and write a response to the required reading.
Out of Class Expectations:
Complete all reading for the next day’s discussion. An average of 40 pages a night, or catch up on weekends, just make sure what needs to be done for discussions is completed.
We will not require annotations or writing per chapter because of the length of the book. However, if a part or a quote interests or confuses you, go ahead and highlight and mark it; it will be useful for discussions as well as for the final project.
Division of labor is a rotation for the book club syllabus, everyone will end up doing two. 4 questions per person as a minimum, more if you want.
Also, if you want, bring some sort of snack for the discussions.

Out of Class Accountability:
If someone who is supposed to print or bring something is absent, e-mail it to each other the night before or at school, or if necessary Mrs. Leclaire. If you forget to do something, such as reading or preparing, you must bring all of the snacks.

Reading Calendar
Thursday pg 112 ch. 1-8
Fri pg 151 ch9-1
Mon pg 251 ch. 11-16
Wed pg 326 ch. 17-22
Fri pg 405 ch. 23-27
Mon end