Hey, this is Maddie. So for my response to Snow Falling on Cedars, I have decided to write the ending a little...differently. You have been warned! XD

Ishmael observed the situation callously. It was the end of the trial, and the jurors were prepared to either condemn the accused man or set him free. Free to return to Hatsue. Anger seethed beneath his indifferent expression, and he crumpled the evidence he had found that proved Kabuo's innocence in his pocket. If Kabuo was out of the way, she would definitely return to him. She had to; he needed her if he wanted to keep living. He gazed at her across the court, her eyes trained on her husband, purposefully not returning his look. She knew that he was staring at her, but she stubbornly refused to acknowledge his presence.
As his mind wandered back to their past and their future that might have been, the court door suddenly flew open.
"Stop this at once!"
Ishmael along with the rest of the court whirled around with startled expressions to take in the ragged appearance of the disturber. Susan Marie stood panting, snow dripping off of her tangled, blonde hair, that was hanging in her wide delirious eyes.
"It was me! Alright, I did it, I did it! I killed Carl!" she blurted out, the words tumbling out in a slurred rush. Tears started pouring down her face at the horrified looks the room was giving her. "H-he wanted to leave our home, move somewhere else. We....We were so happy where we were, I c-couldn't, just couldn't bear to leave! So, so, so I killed him! I can't stand this guilty anymore!" She collapsed to the floor, sinking into an oblivious stupor as the audience only looked on with astonishment.
The only silent member stood up and exited the court, the false proof fluttering defeatedly from his one-armed grip. Ishmael trudged through the snow. Some people just had all of the luck.